SEO Services

SEO is quite often misunderstood, but SEO is actually quite simple. If you are not sure what SEO is, please see our SEO FAQs page first.

Our Services

Starter Package – $350

  • We provide an analysis of your current website and identify strengths and weaknesses
  • We do a key word search for your business to help narrow down 3-4 key words.
  • We provide a local SEO strategy.
  • We provide a general SEO strategy

Monthly SEO Service – $150/mo, 6 month commitment

We will work with you on your SEO strategy. This is not a pay us and forget it service. This is a partnership where we will take the lead but require your help since you know your business the best.

This includes 5 hours a month where we will work on:

  • Optimizing your web page structure
  • Link Building Activities
  • Developing Content for your blog (This will require the most collaboration)
  • Tracking progress

Extended Monthly Service – $250/mo, 4 month commitment

We will double our efforts (10 hours) on our Monthly SEO service, at a discounted price.

Additional Time

Additional time for projects can be purchased at our default rate, depending on availability.