About Brutus Labs

Brutus Labs started out initially as a hobby meant to help friends and family with their design and development needs.  As the referrals grew and more projects came, Little Brutus Design was formed to help people in Gonzales, Salinas, and Monterey County with their graphic design needs.  We made T-shirts, websites, vinyl decals, business cards and some other cool stuff.

Then we started making small web based programs and implementing software for people.  So we decided to change the name to Brutus Labs.

We are a small business, with mostly one but sometimes two people on staff.  This is good or bad, depending on your project and your comfort level.  Our services are definitely not for everyone, and we don’t make my services available to everyone.

We feed off of our client’s energy, so we prefer to work with passionate people that are usually in a ‘mom and pop’ or ‘start up’ environment and have an established vision of what they want but just need a little help getting their vision off the ground.

We have some long term projects that take most of our time, so new projects are usually taken from referrals.  We choose our projects based on a number of criteria including personal interest, scope of the project, and personal availability. It would not be responsible for us to take a project and not be able to meet deadlines, so we prefer to shoot straight and tell you before we get started.

Even if we can’t take your project, we try our best to give you some tips and send you in the right direction.  If you think you have something we can work on together, please fill out a form on our contact page and let us know!

Enjoy your stay, and for your own safety… please don’t feed the labbies!